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“Sutton crafted an incredible guidebook here…”

Pacific Book Review 5 Star Gold Review

Not all clients and customers are created equal. For many new entrepreneurs, self-employed freelancers and small business owners, the temptation is to accept any and all clients that come a-knocking. However, as Garrett Sutton patiently points out in his book “Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding Problem Customers,” some clients/customers will only sap your resources, time, and money. Sutton posits that the old adage of “the customer is always right” is mostly wrong. What the customer assumes is right for him/her can be a huge drain on your business.

To that end, the author first lays out categories of toxic clients. These sections function as a sort of guide to recognizing, avoiding, or coping with troublesome clients. Sutton lays out real world examples and scenarios to coach readers into catching these toxic clients before too much damage is done. He also helpfully presents some insight into these clients’ motivations, which helps shine a light on how to address, or at best to totally avoid them. Most importantly, Sutton provides instructions, tips, and general rules for getting rid of these clients once identified.

Sutton crafted an incredible guidebook here. The information is helpfully laid out in clear sections with examples that paint toxic clients with a real world brush, making them easier to identify. The writing and tone is fantastic. His voice is friendly and easy-going with the cadence of a patient teacher. He tempers that personality with authority and backs it up with examples. It is clear Sutton, and those he has interviewed, have personally dealt with these issues. Learning from their mistakes is easily done, thanks to Sutton’s patient and amiable writing. Read More >>

“An engaging, empowering business protection guide.”

Kirkus Review

[Garrett Sutton] provides tactics for shaking off those who seem like trouble, such as by having clear, upfront policies on details such as retainers and return fees; by claiming an “imaginary partner” that one
must consult before entering into agreements; or by saying that one is bound to a non-compete clause. The author concludes with three appendices that detail key avenues of recourse when one does get ensnared, including liens, small claims court, and collection agencies. Sutton’s book is an engrossing venting session with anecdotes that will be entertaining and relatable, especially to anyone who’s ever worked in restaurants or construction. Read More >>

“This is a must-read for client-based businesses.”

The U.S. Review of Books

“As a lawyer, Sutton has experienced many toxic clients first hand. Skillfully, the author delivers his message through personal stories and fictionalized case studies, which are based on real happenings. An appendix offers three, professional-quality guides on how to remedy toxic situations. An appendix offers three, professional-quality guides on how to remedy toxic situations. These include putting a Mechanics’ Lien on the unfinished property of a non-paying customer, successfully using the small claims court, and hiring collection agencies…Sutton’s advice starts with listening carefully without distractions; patterns can show up in tales the client spins about previous business dealings. Identifying a Toxic Client early is imperative as is having a written policy to handle such cases.” Read More >>

Stop Toxic Clients in their Tracks.

Learn how to regain your freedom, and avoid problem clients.

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