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4 Ways to Keep Toxic Clients From Poisoning Your Business

It seemed like a straightforward enough project: a client wanted a logo. Jasmine Powers, founder and CMO of J Powers Marketing & Publicity gathered documentation from the client on the style they wanted, as well as things they did and didn’t want in the design. A...

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Busted! 5 Common Myths About Clients

There are five common myths about customers and customer service that don't serve businesses well. As business owners, we are too often eager to please every client that walks through the door. That philosophy will likely hurt your business in the long run. So, to...

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Garrett Sutton on Jake and Gino’s Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast

Jake and Gino of Wheelbarrow Profits invited Garrett Sutton, Esq. on their show. In this episode you will learn how to: • Identify toxic clients • Finally understand if the customer is always right • Who's at the highest risk for toxic clients • How to listen for...

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Toxic Teens: The Entitled Generation?

Whenever you hear the term “millennial” what comes to mind? Is it a smart, technologically savvy young entrepreneur? Or an arrogant and inconsiderate cheapskate? Some see millennials through the second filter—a pompous generation with a bad reputation of expecting...

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The 6 Types of Freeloading Clients to Avoid

Everyone has that one friend that always tries to make any excuse to avoid paying. From those with alligator arms that can't quite reach the check, to those with false claims such as “I’ll pay you back later,” these friends are always trying to take the cheap way out....

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8 Ways to Know If Clients Value Your Services

And How to Ensure You Don't End Up Another Commodity By Garrett Sutton, Esq. Do you have a definable wow factor? Or do your clients just price-check your services against the competition with no sense of loyalty? How likely are your customers to leave you? The...

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Top 7 Behaviors to Identify Toxic Clients

By Garrett Sutton, Esq. Excepted from "Toxic Client: Knowing & Avoiding Problem Customers" How do we identify Toxic Clients at the start? It can be very difficult. It is not always easy to tell who is or is not toxic until a business relationship has taken a serious...

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Learn the 6 Indicators of a Toxic Client

Difficult customers are a staple of business, but what if a customer refuses to pay, insults or threatens employees, or makes unreasonable demands? In such cases, the customer not only isn’t right, but is a toxic client who has the ability to bleed a business dry....

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“An engaging, empowering business protection guide.” – Kirkus Review

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Stop Toxic Clients in their Tracks.

Learn how to regain your freedom, and avoid problem clients.

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